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Lady Dorm

Room Facilities

A variety of dormitories that comes in different sizes allowing many people to stay together. This ranges from 3 – 5 beds. What makes this room special is that one can choose to stay together with other fellow backpackers same as oneself. This opens the opportunity for one to meet new people and make more friends sharing the same hobby during their travel.


-Personal electric outlet
-Personal locker
-Personal reading light by the bed
-Option of 4, 6 or 10 Bed Dorms

Hostel Facilities

Here at Silom Art Hostel, not only do we want our customers to feel at home and that they get what they pay for, but we also want to make the experience unique and special, different from any other hostels. This is achieved by the services and facilities catering to all kind of people be it delicious meal in our lobby café or rooftop bar where many tales and story can be shared over a cup of drink while enjoying the cool and windy night weather, or indulge oneself in a game of pool by the common area with peers. We cater to all and all you have to do is just to ask.

Here is a list of facilities provided to all our customers staying with us:

Free Wifi throughout the whole building: The moment you step into our place, you can instantly get access to our fast and unlimited Wifi allowing all to have full access to internet no matter where you are in the building.

Free computers to use: Don’t have laptop with you during this trip but want to log into the internet to check your emails or just leisurely surfing the net? Do not worry! Here at Silom Art Hostel, we provide our guests with computer at the common area for all to use.

Laundry Facilities: Hygiene and cleanliness is the basic necessity for everybody, thus we provide our guests with washing machine and dryer for use. For a cheap fee, anybody can come and make use of this facility ensuring that all cloths are as good as new and ready to be used again during the trip.

Cleanliness: To provide the best hygiene and clean environment, there is also a house keeping service provided for all rooms ensuring that all rooms are kept neat and tidy. All the toilets and shower area will also be clean in a regular basis to maintain the acceptable hygiene standard.

Security: To allow all our guests to feel safe and secure, we ensure that Silom Art Hostel is safe and that nothing will go missing when you are out during the day. We provide all guests with key card for access to your rooms, and also provide personal lockers for individual guest to use to safe keep all your valuable items, allowing you to go and enjoy youself with peace in mind. All rooms also come with their own fire alarms and smoke detectors, thus we will always be informed were there to be any fire hazards scenario occurring somewhere in the building.

Rooftop Bar: Bored of been by yourself in the room? Then come along to the rooftop bar where drinks and music will be provided throughout the night. You can enjoy the beautiful sun set while enjoying yourself over a cup of drinks chit chatting with fellow friends or travellers.

Lobby Café: Feeling hungry? Feeling lazy to walk out of the building to find something to eat? Then Lobby Café is just what you need. Here, we provide our guests with delicious meal and drinks for a fee. Our guests will no longer need to go very far just to get themselves a coffee or mid night snacks as there is one just right below them.

Common Area (Movie Room, Pool table, Games): Here, we provide all forms of entertainment for our guests to entertain themselves during the night with friends. Anybody can choose to watch some movie, play some card games or even challenge other people with a game of pools. This place can also be used to meet fellow other travellers and plan the trip and organize the following days activities.

Direct Telephone: King bed and Twin bed  rooms also come with telephone where our guests can used to call the lobby in case of enquiry or to get more information over some issues which has been in their minds. They can also call outside to their friends or for some business matters for a certain fees.

Free advice from friendly, knowledgeable staff!: If anybody has any questions or enquiry regarding where to go during the trip or just some general information on the nearby location, our friendly staffs will be there to provide you with the answer. They can be found in the lobby area throughout the day and will always be ready to answer any of your enquiries.

1. Check in/Check out times:

Check-in time is 2PM. Guests may arrange to check-in early for a small fee.

Check out time is 12 noon. Guests may arrange to check-out late for a small fee.

*Feel free to store your luggage while you are waiting to check-in, or after you check-out.

2. Payment: Required upon check-in. Thai baht and credit cards accepted. A 100 baht deposit is required to receive the room key. This deposit will be returned upon check-out when the key is returned. 

3. To issue a refund for shortened stays, staff must be given at least a 24 hr notice. 

4. Visitors are allowed in the lobby area until 11pm. 

5. Thai law prohibits smoking indoors. Please ask staff about designated smoking areas.

6. Please keep noise down after 10PM, especially in common areas.

7. Pets are not allowed.


Dorm Rules:

  1. No sex! (that’s what the private rooms are for)
  2. No illegal drugs or weapons! (it is forbidden by Thai law and we would be required to report it)
  3. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. (smoking is generally forbidden indoors in Thailand as well)
  4. After 10pm, please keep the noise down (others may be sleeping. But you can still hang out on the roof)
  5. Washing hair or clothes in the toilet is strictly prohibited.
  6. Singing in the shower is permitted until 10pm.
  7. And finally, items left behind may be removed by gnomes or tiny green men.


Room Enquiry

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